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Enjoy our delicious and refreshing monastery beer.

The brewing water comes from the Kreuzberg monastery’s own springs. The oldest spring has been tapped since the foundation of the monastery in 1681 as the “monastery spring” and has been used to obtain water ever since. The brewing barley from the region is processed into brewing malt by our partners Rhön-Malz GmbH (Mellrichstadt), Mälzerei Schubert (Schweinfurt) and Malzfabrik Weyermann (Bamberg). The fine aroma hops come from the Hallertau and the brewer’s yeast is added as a pure culture.

Our cozybeer garden

Let it all hang out!

When the weather is nice, enjoy our beer garden in the inner courtyard of the monastery, which was built in 1630. Whether old or young, it is an eventful destination for everyone.