Welcome to the monastery tavern

Looking for refreshment?

Enjoy our delicious and refreshing monastery beer.

The brewing water comes from the Kreuzberg monastery’s own springs. The oldest spring has been tapped since the foundation of the monastery in 1681 as the “monastery spring” and has been used to obtain water ever since. The brewing barley from the region is processed into brewing malt by our partners Rhön-Malz GmbH (Mellrichstadt), Mälzerei Schubert (Schweinfurt) and Malzfabrik Weyermann (Bamberg). The fine aroma hops come from the Hallertau and the brewer’s yeast is added as a pure culture.

Be on us curious; excited!

We look forward to you!

The Klosterschänke team is looking forward to your visit.
We would be happy to sweeten your stay with a delicious piece of cake or tart from our changing range. Would you like a cup of coffee, cappuccino or tea?

But hearty enjoyment should not be neglected either.

our changing menu of warm and cold delicacies should also provide a treat for your palate.

We especially recommend our monastery bread, which is only available from us and which is refined with fine spices.
Regionality is also lived in our monastery and so everything that is possible for us comes from regional dealers and butchers, who in turn also get their animals from the region.

Enjoy our offer in our beer garden , which is located in the inner courtyard of our monastery, which was built in 1630.

Engelberg Abbey menu

Original Engelberg monastery cheese:

Creamy, spicy soft cheese with red smear, monastery bread & butter small/large €5.90/€7.50


Cheese, butter & monastery bread €5.50


Dressed Camembert, butter & monastery bread €6.50

lard bread:

Greaves lard & monastery bread €4.00

Homemade Platter:

Various home-made sausage specialties, cucumber, butter & monastery bread €8.50

Engelberg plate:

Mixed platter with sausage, ham, cheese, cucumber, butter & monastery bread €9.50

Hot Meat Sausage:

about ½ ring (200g-220g), monastery bread, mustard €6.50

Hot crackers:

1 pair of hot crackers, monastery bread & mustard €4.50

White sausages:

White sausage, pretzel & sweet mustard €6.90


birth Meatloaf, monastery bread & mustard €5.50


brothers Meatballs with potato salad & monastery bread €7.50

Lentil stew:

Lentil stew with monastery bread €5.90
Lentil stew with sausage & monastery bread €7.50


Only while stocks last from Wednesday to Sunday

bay sausage salad:

Homemade sausage salad, butter & monastery bread €7.00


Swiss sausage salad:

Homemade sausage salad with cheese, peppers and onions, butter and monastery bread €7.50


Sweets for the soul

Every day we have different cake treats to choose from.

The offer varies depending on the season and is colorfully mixed. And definitely a piece of enjoyment for you too 😊.

A piece of cake: €3.50

Matching our hot drinks:


Pot of coffee €2.50

Pot of tea €2.50

Espresso €2.50

Cappuccino €3.00

Milk coffee €3.00

Hot chocolate €3.00

Drinks in the Engelberg monastery
Beer Wine

Monastery beer dark 0.5l 3.50 €

Kloster Radler Dark 0.5l 3.50 €

Engelberg Dark Non-Alcoholic 0.5l 3.50 €
(from the Faust brewery)

White wine from Engelberg dry 0.25l 3.20 €

semi-dry 0.25l 3.20 €

White wine spritzer 0.25l 3.00 €

Red wine Weingut Kremer dry 0.25l 3.60 €

Red wine spritzer 0.25l 3.50 €

Cider 0.25l €2.90

Apple wine spritzer 0.5l 4.00 €

soft drinks


Bad Brueckenauer

Still water 0.5l €2.50

Medium 0.5l €2.50

Classic 0.5l €2.50


Currant spritzer 0.5l 3.50 €

Apple juice spritzer 0.5l 3.50 €

Lemon/orange soda 0.5l 3.20 €

Cola Mix 0.5l 3.20 €

Coca-Cola 0.5l €3.50

Coca-Cola light 0.5l 3.50 €

Currant juice 0.2l 3.00 €

Apple juice 0.2l €3.00